This amazing staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier is Jenny’s Service, PTSD dog, Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen Certified, and Trained Cesar’s WAY!!  Princeton is MaggiesHouse Rescue very first Rescue and Jenny’s personal dog.  He can calm children, help them to speak in their therapy, hug them, and help anyone to smile throughout everyday of his life.  He is the reason for every smile that Jenny has.  Princeton is also a survivor of the parvovirus at the young age of 5 weeks old.  His strength is the reason that MaggiesHouse Rescue is in exisitence and that Jenny lives.  When you meet him, you will leave with a Princeton calmness and smile! Princeton is Jenny’s entire and whole world!!!! You will see Jenny and Bubba at restaurants, the movies, flying on airplanes, walking on the beach, going on Duck Tours in Galveston, Tx, touring the Moody Mansion, eating together, going to church together, they are never apart!! Princeton has the strength that lives within Jenny, they cannot be apart, he is her person. They help each other feel loved, safe, and secure. Service and therapy training is Jenny’s passion and Princeton is the reason for this purpose, he changed her world and made it amazing!! Her love for her bubba is stronger than anything ever known. They also shop at Kohls, Randells, go to the farmers Market, and enjoy daily runs and walks together. Princeton is awesome!!!!

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