Scott and Niki

Scott is a beautiful Lab!! The first day that I met him I fell in love. He has a sweet spirit in him that can make anyone feel secure, loved, calm, and happy. I met Niki at Randells getting our coffee, and shopping with my bubba, my baby boy, Princeton. I knew that as soon as i met her she was special. Little did I know that I would meet her bubba Scott also, that was her healing companion and amazing!! I just adore him, his smile and spirit is contagious! Niki has severe depression and anxiety. Scott helps her daily, and during his training I realized also how intelligent he is. I see his smile and his heart right through his eyes, he has such a beautiful soul. He inspires me!! Scott is right there with Niki as she does her daily routine, she is an awesome DJ, and the bar adores and loves Scott too as she works her passion. I am just so grateful, and blessed to know Niki and Scott. Niki will be on my team of trainers at MHR Canine Socialization Center as the head trainer under me. We will continue to train Cesar’s WAY!! She now has three new pupps who are Pittie mixes that I will begin therapy and service dog training this week with, they are 6 weeks old today. This is the perfect age to start training and begin the rules, boundaries, and limitations with consistency, communication, and companionship. Scott loves his new brothers and sister and puppy love helps Niki just as much as Scott’s working for her does daily now. Scott needs Niki, and Niki needs Scott; they have found their purpose together forever in their lives and in there home. They are a perfect pair in a beautiful family and foundation!!

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