Memorial for MY PRINCETON the First, my whole world

Princeton The First, Bubba
My baby boy, was rescued at the young age of five weeks old by me, his mommy. I found him after church going home and scooped bubba up, i called out to him and said, come here sweet little bubba, and he ran straight into my arms. From that moment on, he changed my life for the better. Before him, i could not even go out to eat alone, to the grocery, to the movie, on a plane, or shopping at any store. Princeton The First is my world, and my one and only! Losing him has stopped my world. He survived parvovirus at 6 weeks, and two ACL TPLO replacements, the horrible break in, and the last mast cell tumors removal. He is a strong boy, he taught his mommy how to become stronger and be a survivor like Princeton. I will never stop loving him, and I believe that he is with me still and we will be together forever in eternity, he is with Maggie, Mimi Lue, Rock Star, and Gus along with Ken bugging him I’m sure. I just wanted to share his life with so many because not only did he help me become the person that I am today, but he helped so many. Bubba shared his smile and his gentle spirit with so many and their was never a person he didn’t love, but never as much as he loves his mommy. We traveled to California, Miami, Vegas, Spokane and seattle Washington training Cesar’s way, and he learned search and find, and tri-ball, and did some rehabilitation after the break in so that he could still be my service bubba. Princeton’s my angel, my bo-bo, my bug, my bubba and will never leave my side, ever. On his last couple of weeks, I went no where without someone he loved staying with him taking care of him. Bubba held on so long and fought the fight and defied the laws of man, The Lord Jesus healed him as he took him home. We spent so many days, walking and just talking, he is my best friend and I will never be the same without him. I still wake up telling him, it’s ok bubba mommy is here and I’m not leaving you, and mommy is ok bubba don’t worry, its ok…you just rest, and I will be with you soon. I love you Princeton my bubba so much, thank you for being the best part of my life. We are together forever loved, I love my Princeton, my only Bubba. Princeton and Mommy forever loved together.

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