In Remembrance of Kimber

Tooter BugIMG_5867

To honor our lost friend, we are now offering a new Training Program call the “Kimber Package”

THE “KIMBER” PACKAGE is a training package that teaches you Service and Therapy work for your Animals.  Kimber was a White Throat Capuchin whose sudden passing has saddened the hearts of many.  It is MaggiesHouse Rescues goal to see that her little angel baby sweet and precious life never be lived in vain.  She serviced many just by her little precious heart, and could help anyone to smile on the saddest of days.  Just knowing her was an honor.  She was rescued from an abandoned monkey mom and became the mascot of Tactical Firearms.  Her daddy, Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms showed many what it is like to rescue such an amazing animal.  He was told by the ADA that she could not become a working certified Service animal.  By her smile she became just that.  It is my goal to see her life become certified.  Jeremy is also on MaggiesHouse Board of Trustees.  We will continue to honor her precious life with all of our rescue animals.  We LOVE and MISS you, Kimber, our “Tooter Bug”, Super Star.

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