~In memorial and honor of sweet bubba Gus~

In memorial and honor of my sweet bubba Gus, MaggiesHouse Rescue will be rehabilitating all pitties at no cost. Gus was deemed dangerous in Texas because he was provoked and lost his life because of the full manifestation of hate. The hate of this world is what ultimately killed him. He was needlessly murdered. Gus is no longer suffering and is chasing his balls in heaven with Maggie, Rock Star, Callie, and Hope. They are all running and walking down the streets of gold and in fields of gold. In memory of sweet bubba Gus, I will continue the fight. We are the voice of the voiceless, Gus life will continue to help and save many, many lives. His spirit and soul will always live in my heart, and I will be with him again when I find my rest and peace with Jesus and all of my sweet bubbas. Let us all continue to love them fearlessly, withstanding against the hate of this world, and in all courage of the Father God Almighty to rescue, save, rehabilitate, train, and LOVE. Gus life will not be lived in vain.

MaggiesHouse Rescue will be rehabilitating any pittie deemed dangerous, vicious, or that simply needs to learn how to be a dog. If your pittie needs help with simply training, this will be a cost, but if you are having an issue that needs rehabilitation, I will be able to come drive to you any day after 6pm (Monday through Saturday) and Sundays open all day. Some wed’s will also be open all day. I am also able to CGC, Canine Good Citizen test, My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. test and evaluate your pittie and observe the issue with you and your family. It is my life’s work, passion, and purpose to have you and your best friend with you and your family in your home forever. Jaxie is my favorite pittie to brag about other than my Princeton!! It was just 7 months ago that I met him. He would stay in his little room as I sat there patiently waiting to meet him with his precious mommy. Jaxie peeked his head around the corner as if to say, “I want to meet you but I am scared of humans because they hurt me in the past and I only trust my mommy.” Jaxie now comes out and walks up to me and smells me and then lays on his bed. He now has a brother named Noodle full of exuberance and happiness to play with and spend his days! What is interesting is in the car, Jaxie kissed and nuzzled me. He has the sweetest soul! His mommy is one of my best loved souls now also! She loves her bubbas and all the pitties, and is a huge example for me to continue the fight. Running has been a love of mine all of my life, and exercising with your pittie is the absolute best form of rehabilitation that I have found to help them daily. Socialization with people and all animals and a consistent daily schedule helps them maintain balance in their lives. If you have any issue please contact me and we will work together to save many many lives. I also train towards service and therapy work. When your pittie has a job to do for you and for others their life is forever changed. The sweet soul of the enduring perseverance and forgiving heart of each of them has spoken volumes to me as a person, and has made me better and stronger. Princeton is my first rescue, hence the name,”Princeton The First.” He is CGC certified therapy dog through Faithful Paws of Houston, and my one and only sweet medical service dog for my anxiety and depression. Princeton survived the parvovirus at the young age of 6 weeks. He has also survived two ACL surgeries and the removal of tumor mast cells. He is a very strong bubba with the most precious soul. Princeton is my world, and my day starts and ends with his cuddles. We walk together, eat together, travel together, play together and never leave each other’s side. He is my reason for rescue and Gus is now my reason for rehabilitation of the dangerous dog. Gus, your sweet spirit will never leave my side and your soul will live on in every life that is saved in your memory.

Fly with the angels sweet bubba Gus. Your life had much purpose here on earth and now in heaven. You will never have to suffer again. Your determination and strength has given me the strength to move and carry on. I love you sweet bubba Gus, always and forever. You are free now, Gus and forever home. GUS you are FREE.

“He will command His angels command over you, Gus, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone, they will lift you up in their hands.” Psalm 91:11

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