Maggie’s House Rescue Broken Into. Dogs Viciously Attacked!


My name is Gina Giarrusso. I designed this website for my friend of almost 10 years Jennifer Romano; owner and founder of Maggie’s House Rescue. I would like to share my thoughts on Jenny Romano, Maggie’s House, and the Attack. If you haven’t already seen it, here is a link to the Channel 2 News broadcast regarding this incident. Click 2 Houston

Jennifer Romano

What can I say about my friend who has dedicated her life to rescuing the unwanted, unloved and discarded dogs of Houston except that she has a big heart. With hard work, and perseverance through adversity, she has committed herself to being the voice for ‘bully breeds’. The truth about some shelters in Houston is that they automatically kill certain breeds of dogs, or anything that they think looks like one of these breeds without any type of evaluation or chance at adoption. That’s where Maggie’s House steps in and although she can’t save them all, giving just one dog a second chance is worth the pain of being witness to the countless others who are lost. This work is not for the faint of heart. Her service to the Houston community and to these dogs has been invaluable and it is our turn to let her know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed and that we appreciate her efforts.

The Attack

Jenny made a promise to herself and the dogs she rescues to provide a safe and loving environment for them to live until they could be placed in a more permanent situation. That promise was shattered this past week when 2 of her dogs were viciously attacked during a home invasion. One of the dogs, Joshua (the brown and white dog), is a foster and the white dog in the picture is Jenny’s service therapy dog Princeton. These dogs were beaten mercilessly all over their bodies a both suffered severe head injuries from blunt force trauma. Thankfully both dogs survived, but they are in bad shape. It is too early to tell the emotional effects that this brutal attack caused on the dogs, but the mental anguish and consequences of this traumatic event will stay with Jenny forever.


The people responsible for the attack stole everything from the home including the money Jenny had stashed away that she desperately needed to run her day-to-day operation. Now she needs our help to make her and her rescue organization whole again.

How can you help?

I am working closely with Jenny in developing a line of Maggie’s House products that can be purchased right here on this website with the proceeds going directly to helping these rescues. We will be adding more in the next few weeks to raise the funds needed in the recovery from this ordeal. Check back often for new items and think of Maggie’s House in the future for your pet care needs. You can view items Maggie’s House currently has for sale by visiting our products page.

If you would like to make a donation to Maggie’s House you can do so here. DONATE


It has become evident to us that whoever is responsible for this attack may be someone who was following Maggie’s House through social media and knew Jenny would be out of the house that night. Because of the violent nature of this attack, those responsible should be considered very dangerous and should only be dealt with by the authorities. There is an ongoing investigation in this matter with some good leads that make us feel confident that an arrest will be made soon. If you have any information about who might have done this, we encourage you to contact us. All tips will be kept anonymous. CONTACT US

What’s Next.

Maggie’s house will be organizing fundraisers in the near future with the next being in January. The ultimate goal is to get Maggie’s House into a safer location with more space to bring in more at risk dogs.  If you would like to participate, you can ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay current with all Maggie’s House activities.

Maggie’s House is looking forward not back. Jenny is grateful for the support she has already received and she is looking forward to many more success stories for years to come.

Thanks for your help.  Gina

A Message About Animal Cruelty.

Animal cruelty can happen anywhere. From hoarding to neglect, animals are placed in dangerous situations every single day. It’s an upsetting fact, but you can help prevent and stop animal cruelty from happening in your neighborhood.

Here are some steps you can take to be an advocate for animals:

Learn how to recognize signs of animal cruelty. There are often warning signs that are indicators that animals are being treated inhumanely. Some are more apparent than others, but by studying this list, you’ll know what to look out for.

Know who to call. Find out who is responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty codes in your town, county or state. This might include your local humane organization, animal control agency, taxpayer-funded animal shelter or police precinct.

Provide a detailed report. When reporting animal cruelty, it is best to give a concise statement about what you’ve witnessed or suspect. Include photos if at all possible. Don’t forget to include dates, times, and as many details as you can in your report. Keep copies for your own records and take notes!

Follow up. If you don’t receive a response from the officer assigned to your case within a reasonable length of time, don’t be afraid to contact his supervisor and, if necessary, local government officials.


  1. I saw this story on the news and felt so bad for Jenny-I agree it could be someone on social media-Jenny’s profile is completely public and ANYONE that has a facebook account can access her profile even if they are NOT her friends-it shows that she was at Lakewood church so it made it very easy for someone to know she wasn’t home. IMHO,That is the first thing I would do …,make my profile and pics PRIVATE on both websites and clean out any “random” people that are supposedly friends. Sorry to give unsolicited advice but we women have to stick together=) I am glad to see she is healing and wish her continued success in her rescues.
    God Bless!
    oh and ps I tried to put this in the” contact us ” with tips..section but it said error page not found.

    • admin

      You said it sister! This is Gina, Jen’s friend. I had this very conversation with her and to many other friends. It is so important to be smart in this ‘share everything’ world. The biggest head scratcher to me is when people list their home as a place they have been to on Facebook providing criminals with a map! I personally share next to nothing on my FB profile including my birthday. My fear has always been that someone could recreate my identity. Great advice Susan! Let’s not make ourselves a target people!