HOPE FOR PRINCETON THE FIRST!!!!! Happy Good Friday!!!!

You test will become your testimony, and your passion is your purpose!!!!
It is not a bad breed or a bad dog, it is bad and irresponsible owners!!!

Princeton will be seven years old April 24, 2017. Today April 14, 2017 is My Maggie’s 13th birthday if she were in this life still with us. She is in heaven and is our guardian angel. Princeton was diagnosed just yesterday with a mast cell tumor on his left side. He will need to have it removed in a couple of weeks. Princeton is my bubba, and my whole world. He is not only my service and therapy dog, he is my best friend. He is my person. I always know exactly what he is saying to me and he understands every word and action that I show him, he is such a ham!!! I need Princeton just as much as he needs me. He survived the horrible nightmare of the parvovirus at the very young age of 5 to 6 weeks old. I prayed over him at the er vet and stayed with him over night for about a week and a half and then when given fresh frozen plasma he survived and totally changed my life!!! Princeton then went on to surviving a TPLO surgery on his right back leg and an ACL repair on his left back leg. He has also recovered from the horrible break in to our home and MHR three and a half years ago. Many including myself thought he would not be able to continue his service work for me, Cesar and his team rehabilitated him at the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, Calif. while I trained Cesars’ WAY in 2013, and continued our rescue work. Bubba has become the toughest bird that I have ever known. He is my inspiration just as Maggie is, Callie, Gus, Rock Star, and Mimi Lue angel continue to be. Loss is so hard for me with my mental illness. I get extremely attached to my animals and all that i train and take care of. Letting go is not in my nature. Surviving the loss of Maggie, Callie, Rock Star, Gus, and Mimi Lue is just about the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome, but through all of that I have had not only God always but my solid rock, Princeton the First!!!I have always said to anyone that knows me that i will NOT survive that loss. I am stronger than I know but bubba is always my right hand man!!!! I was watching Pastor Joel Osteen and praying this morning for him, and the Lord gave me this word on our good Friday. Cling to Jesus, and enjoy every moment that you have with your bubba. Live in the moment with them, Love them, laugh with them, walk them, and help them to live the best life they are meant to. They deserve every bit of our happiness!! The energy that you give them becomes your own energy. Bubba and I will not allow anything to defeat our purpose, nothing negative can take away what we are placed in this life to accomplish together!!!! In Jesus powerful name, and celebrate our Lord’s resurrection!!!!

HOPE is the Anchor of our soul!!!!
If you don’t keep your anchor down, little by little you will start drifting, the problem with negativity is that the anchor can sway back and forth in the waves, and if we have our anchor of HOPE in Jesus, we don’t sway back and forth like the waves do. We may have negative circumstances come into our lives but…the good thing is that Jesus died and ROSE again!!!!! we get a little negative, worried, oh, my dreams won’t come to pass, Ill never get married, Ill never accomplish Maggieshouse…Ill never break this addiction, or overcome this situation…the problem is we don’t have our anchor down…BUT…we are not worried with our anchor down…when we look to God in all circumstances, our anchor is down, not swaying back and forth. We know God is behind the scenes making the way for us. When we are anchored to Jesus and His hope, we know when those difficulties and storms come, we are consistent and our hope is in the Lord, the normal currents of life can pull us off course, everyday life like the ocean moves drifting, we have to stay consistent in our faith and not drift into that worry and negativity and stress. We can BELIEVE and expect, life is too short to move with complacency, we have to stir up our hope daily!!!!! Not the hurricanes and big storms, the little ones move us, so we have to stay POSITIVE AND MOVE WITH GOD DAILY!!!!!

Princeton The First, Bubba
My baby boy, was rescued at the young age of five weeks old by me, his mommy. I found him after church going home and scooped bubba up, i called out to him and said, come here sweet little bubba, and he ran straight into my arms. From that moment on, he changed my life for the better. Before him, i could not even go out to eat alone, to the grocery, to the movie, on a plane, or shopping at any store. Princeton The First is my world, and my one and only! Losing him has stopped my world. He survived parvovirus at 6 weeks, and two ACL TPLO replacements, the horrible break in, and the last mast cell tumors removal. He is a strong boy, he taught his mommy how to become stronger and be a survivor like Princeton. I will never stop loving him, and I believe that he is with me still and we will be together forever in eternity, he is with Maggie, Mimi Lue, Rock Star, and Gus along with Ken bugging him I’m sure. I just wanted to share his life with so many because not only did he help me become the person that I am today, but he helped so many. Bubba shared his smile and his gentle spirit with so many and their was never a person he didn’t love, but never as much as he loves his mommy. We traveled to California, Miami, Vegas, Spokane and seattle Washington training Cesar’s way, and he learned search and find, and tri-ball, and did some rehabilitation after the break in so that he could still be my service bubba. Princeton’s my angel, my bo-bo, my bug, my bubba and will never leave my side, ever. On his last couple of weeks, I went no where without someone he loved staying with him taking care of him. Bubba held on so long and fought the fight and defied the laws of man, The Lord Jesus healed him as he took him home. We spent so many days, walking and just talking, he is my best friend and I will never be the same without him. I still wake up telling him, it’s ok bubba mommy is here and I’m not leaving you, and mommy is ok bubba don’t worry, its ok…you just rest, and I will be with you soon. I love you Princeton my bubba so much, thank you for being the best part of my life. We are together forever loved, I love my Princeton, my only Bubba. Princeton and Mommy forever loved together.

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