Gus’s Case Settled. To Be Released to Cesar Millan & the DPC for Rehabilitation!

IMG_3350Gus’s case is settled! He will be released!

We want to thank Cesar Millan and company for taking Gus into their program.We also want to thank all his supporters for standing by him as well as the Montgomery County Attorneys office and animal control for working with us to make this happen. We need to raise additional funds for his transport to Cesar and the shelter for his care for the last 14 months as well as the rest of the litigation fees. Discovery for the case was well over $3,500.00.

Once this is raised, we can get Gus released.

You can help by clicking the “Donate” button below.


ETA- To address the question about why the fund raiser changed. Today we got the final figures and they were more than expected with $3,000.00 outstanding due for discovery for the case. As of this morning, there were no funds left. We could have started a new fund raiser but felt it was better just to add on to the original one. Litigating a case for over a year is not uncommon to be close to 10k and this is with no attorneys getting paid. There were 3 amazing attorneys on this case.

Thank you all again!

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