Cooper “Coopy”

Cooper was initially rescued by a sweet lady named, Tippy. She took him to the Oakridge Animal Clinic, in The Woodlands where is how I met sweet Coopy!! He is a black Pit Bull and Lab mix and six months ago was only a year old. When I met him I was in the clinic for my Molly, my miniature Pinscher who had been bitten by a snake and her front right leg swell up in the matter of seconds. The sweet vet tech brought Cooper in to meet me, and My Molly snapped at him. Cooper had no reaction to her behavior which was my first indication of how great he is with other dogs. Molly was not feeling well at all, which was the reason for her behavior. The very weekend that I met Coopy was the exact same time that Kristian emailed me needing a service dog for her severe anxiety. I told her that I had already adopted out all of my Pitties on my website but that I had the perfect bubba for her!! I went to Tippy’s home to talk to her about the sweet bubba, he was outside and so happy but I just knew in my heart that he would be happier with Kristian. Tippy also told me that she had her two little bubbas and could not give Cooper the proper home. Cooper had a great day with me, and Kristian was very excited to meet him!! Cooper and I had a wonderful run, training session, and car ride to Kristians home. She met him, her two children loved him, and we did a temperament test with their Golden Retriever Baily. Baily was a twelve year old sweetheart and had been with Kristian for a very long time since she was a little sweet baby. She got along beautifully with Cooper, and so did he with Baily. I decided to do a trial run with sweet Coopy and allow Kristian to keep him for the week while me and my bubbas headed to the beach!! We did a great pack walk all together and I left for home. Cooper was in his forever home, I just knew it!! Kristian is the sweetest girl and deals with her life at her own pace, and Cooper has not only helped her to be extra calm on a daily basis, feel entirely loved but allowed her to reach her fullest potential. She was a consultant at Natural Paws, and now has a career with a national pet rescue, called Rescued Pets Movement!! Cooper is the very reason for her being who she was meant to be, and Kristian is Coopys reason to live now also. Cooper has his purpose, and she now has hers. Kristian needs Cooper and he needs her just as much. It is a match made in heaven!! Cooper is in his forever home!!

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