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My Week with Cesar

What an AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING education !!

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, is the most Awesome Dog Behaviorist and Trainer in the World.  He and his team are world renowned.  The Cesar Millan Foundation supports all dogs, dog rescues, and abused animals, along with educating children and the public on all breeds of animals.  What an HONOR to be trained to be a better Dog Behaviorist with, Training Cesar’s WAY!!  April 24-29, 2013 was my continuing education under Cesar for MaggiesHouse Rescue.  I will never forget the day Cesar signed our books and we took our pictures with him.  I asked him to write, For MaggiesHouse, Princeton, GUS, Callie, and MAGGIE, and ALL the PITTIES!!  And Psalm 91:11, “For He will command His angels charge over you, to guard you in all of your ways, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone; they will lift you up in their hands.”  What an honor to be able to speak with him and his team daily and his foundation about my sweet Gus.  Princeton learned so much that week, and Mommy did also of how to be a better Pittie, therapy/service dog parent.  Cesar says, “that is your STORY”, let’s get to the heart of what is going n with you and then assess your dog.  We learned in intense classes from 8am until 6pm daily.  We had one on ones with Cesars team daily, and formed a very closely bonded team of people who love our dogs and others that week.  We also learned the 5 Pack LEadership Techniques, The 10 Principles for Achieving Harmony, and he 5 Natural Dog Laws.  A dog is a dog, an animal, a species then a breed.  We learned what “our Intention” is which creates our energy within, to be calm assertive to train cam submissive dogs.  and mostly we walked our “PACK WALKS” daily twice through the beautiful and pristine California mountains at the Cesar Millan Dog Psychology Center.  MaggiesHouse and Princeton will be returning to be trained Cesar’s WAY the week of September 2,  2013 with treiball, agility and much much more!

My time with Cesar Milan has been the most rewarding experience of my life. His training, foundation, and his Dog Psychology Center reward the dog and the owner. His head trainers are beyond knowledgeable. Maggieshouse Rescue is continuing education with their team along with Pet Detective classes now. Training Cesar’s Way is the best way to handle the bully breed. My bubbas are certified in tri-ball, agility, separation anxiety, socialization, obedience, service/therapy work, search and rescue, and the Canine Good Citizen AKC Certification, along with My Dog Has CLASS. I do believe this has fully helped the rehabilitation of Joshua and Princeton from the attack physically and mentally. Thankyou Cesar for giving your life to the bubbas and all that you do daily to create balance for us and our bubbas! Laws, boundaries, limitations, socializing, exercise , and discipline make the best pet, and pet owner! Let’s keep saving lives and keep up the good work!!

~Life is simple, we make it complicated, adopt and rescue today, spay and neuter your animals, and create balance in your life~


~LIVE everyday in the moment with your dogs, and walk your dog daily~


YOU are your dog, and your dog is YOU!!