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Princeton Recovering

Princeton Recovering Update on Princeton's Physical Therapy

He has had four rechecks by Maggie's House Vet which is the Galveston Vet. All trauma to his head and ear is healing splendidly. His psychological healing will take time and we are slowly bringing him in public away from any...
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Joshua adopted!

Josh was one of the dogs injured in the recent home invasion at Maggie’s House. Currently his leg still needs some physical therapy, be we are happy to announce that he has his perfect forever home. A special thanks to Maggie’s House Rescue vets who helped get us to this place. Thankfully there was no permanent damage for my sweet boy Joshy, and he is coming along splendidly. Such a sweet story where something good came from what evil thought it could prevail, good always prevails when God is in control! To God be the Glory! Go Joshy!!! It is never goodbye just I will see you soon, you are an ambassador for your breed Joshua, and it is always a privilege to have spent the year I did with you, I love you buddy and am praying for you daily!