Calm Gus at the Dog Psychology Center!!!!


April 15, 2014

Gus was taken to Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center where he is being rehabilitated. We live in the now just as Gus is doing and all dogs do. He is learning calm submissive behavior daily, and is doing great!!!!! Cesar evaluated him with his head trainer/director of the DPC on April 16, 2014. Calm Submissive is where we want him and all dogs. In order to be a Pack Leader you must become calm assertive in your behavior. And you must own that title of Cesar Millan’s, Cesars WAY. It is the only way. Gus is free, doing great, and being calm in his rehabilitation, walks, and daily activities. Cesar’s head trainer/director of the DPC and trainers are working with Gus everyday. We are so thankful and grateful that Gus is doing so well.

Thankyou to everyone who had a part in saving sweet calm GUS!!!!!!!

Jenny “Mommy”

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