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Maggie’s House Running for a Cause

C-H-MThe Chevron Houston Marathon is January 19, 2014 this year. The weather is predicted to be at 48 degrees at the Start, and 66 degrees at the Finish. This will be the year that I, Jennifer Romano, run for CAPS which is Citizens for the Protection of Animals. This rescue organization is located in Katy, Texas and supports the protection of every breed of dog and cat.

My sweet Gus was ultimately rescued from CAPS. Gus was protected as an owner surrender the day he was rescued from CAPS. Maggie’s House is so thankful for the lady who found him and brought him home to us, Ms. Sue Clayton. Gus is a Stafford-shire Pit Bull Terrier and has been located at MCAS for the past eleven months. He will be free and rehabilitated, relocated, and re homed soon. Next year Maggie’s House Rescue will be on the list for rescues for the Bully Breed for people running and finishing the Chevron Houston Marathon to pledge for, January 2015. “Stay Fit to Run for the PIT!”

C-H-M-1Running has been my life as well as my love for any animal as long as I can remember. My heart to rescue as well. I am a Dog Behaviorist and train toward service/therapy work. The rehabilitation of the bully breed is Maggie’ s House specialty. Being a Mommy of Princeton the First as a service animal for me teaches me to be the best person I can be everyday. Not only does Princeton help me, he is also helped to be the best dog that he can be through his service/therapy work in which he helps children as well. He has a purpose and a job to do each day for his Mommy. He was rescued off of the street and became my own. Maggie, Callie, Rock Star, and Princeton are the reason that Maggie’s House became Inspiration through tragedy.



This is Maggie’s third year anniversary that she past away and that loss has survived in my heart to bring the abandoned and thrown away dog to have a reason to still live. Helping pet owners understand how to help their dogsĀ and themselves become who they can be is our heart. Healing companions are who Gus and every dog can be. Our focus is on the bully breed for their love for others and their tenacious spirits. Changing the stereo type for the breed and fighting to save their lives is our mission.

I would like to invite you to come to the Chevron Houston Marathon and watch the finish line as I finish strong for the bully breed and all animals with Princeton running the last two miles with me. The actual marathon is 26.2 miles and this will be the 14th full Marathon to finish for me; not including the half marathons that have been completed through the years since my Aggie graduation in 1998. Training, persevering, enduring, being patient, living for your great plan that God gives you as you trust him is what life is for me and my dogs. Let us continue to remain strong as we save lives together in this amazing race and journey of life.

Luke. Ready for Adoption.

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Needs his forever home!

Luke was owner surrendered to Harris county and is now safe at home with Maggie’s House. A Parvo survivor, he was adopted six months ago to what I thought was a good home until the owner decides he wants to abandon him. Breaks my heart. Thankfully he is safe with one of Maggie’s House board of trustees Amanda Boone and her other two Pit Bulls. All are doing great together.



Luke, seven months, Cgc certified in need of stable, perfect forever home
Luke is male, neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, loves all dogs, cats, and children, VPI insurance, sweetest boy ever! Luke loves to run with Jenny daily! He loves to lounge too! Let’s not forget his car rides!


If you are interested in adopting Luke, contact Ms. Jenny.


Princeton Recovering

Princeton Recovering Update on Princeton's Physical Therapy

He has had four rechecks by Maggie's House Vet which is the Galveston Vet. All trauma to his head and ear is healing splendidly. His psychological healing will take time and we are slowly bringing him in public away from any...
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Joshua adopted!

Josh was one of the dogs injured in the recent home invasion at Maggie’s House. Currently his leg still needs some physical therapy, be we are happy to announce that he has his perfect forever home. A special thanks to Maggie’s House Rescue vets who helped get us to this place. Thankfully there was no permanent damage for my sweet boy Joshy, and he is coming along splendidly. Such a sweet story where something good came from what evil thought it could prevail, good always prevails when God is in control! To God be the Glory! Go Joshy!!! It is never goodbye just I will see you soon, you are an ambassador for your breed Joshua, and it is always a privilege to have spent the year I did with you, I love you buddy and am praying for you daily!


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