Attila and Cleopatra

Attila and Cleo, what can I say about these amazing Cane Corso bubbas!!!! They are so very intelligent, affectionate, and majestic. The breed as registered in the working group of the American Kennel Club is full of energy and large in size. The origin of the Cane Corsi is Italy. They were originally bred for guard dogs for centuries, and their intimidating stature their first line of defense against intruders. They have the kind of demeanor you would expect from a professional bodyguard. They are a large and athletic breed and they do need a lot of exercise. They each need extensive socialization, and training from the on set of an early age. They are very affectionate with their owner and bond closely with their family and their friends. Attila is a beautiful chestnut brindle, and Cleo is a magnificent fawn color. We are working daily on our commands which include sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel, and watch me. They are in intensive service dog training which includes, My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. and the Canine Good Citizen tests. Attila is two years old, and “Tilly” as I love to call her loves her ball!! She has learned Treibball, which in german means, “push ball”. I am going to train her to be in a Treibball competition in the American Treibball Association. It is an amazing workout for dogs!! Cleo has learned “give and take”, and leave it. We work hard on her being able to “come” now also. She is very food driven and they both absolutely love peanut butter!! Lucy Lu and Gucci Gu are their little sisters, Gucci is a Shorkie which is a shitzu and a yorkie mix, and Lucy is a long haired precious chihuahua and loves taking walks. Gucci has mastered the “sit”, and almost down. She is adorable and very affectionate. Lucy and Gucci love the agility that we have been learning. Gucci goes in and through the tube and Lucy has just learned to go through it. They have my heart, all four of them. And we will also learn search and find this week. Everyday is fun for the girls at their school with Mamma Jenny and Maggieshouse Rescue!!!!

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