“How wonderful it is that Ms. Jenny and MaggiesHouse continue to strive for the innovative training and grooming techniques to develop a quality of life for all dogs and humans.”

“It is so wonderful to meet and know a person who genuinely loves animals so much as Ms. Jenny does, who understands the conversation between me and my bubba and positively trains and cares about me on a level that my family and I can work together to have a positive and properly trained bubba to be an ambassador for his breed.”

“I think it is awesome that Maggie’s House seeks to help all rescue Pit Bulls in the surrounding shelters to find forever and foster homes and gives daily to that endeavor, and places them in the proper foster care, and forever home with the proper procedures and safety. She truly cares for all people and positively training them to rehabilitate the dogs. Maggie’s House exists for this purpose and it is authentic, real, and evident in her credibility, customer service, prices, education, advocation, training, rehabilitation, and integrity.”